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Merge branch 'netcdf_to_msh_idx' into 'master'

netcdf_to_msh now writes idx file

See merge request !78
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......@@ -403,14 +403,18 @@ def netcdf_to_msh(mesh_file_name, nc_file_name, variable_name, export_file_name,
* variable_name
name of the variable in the netcdf file
* export_file_name
path to the field name (.msh format)
path to the field name (.idx format)
* time
time at which the data will be exported in msh format (default: 0)
groups = dgpy.dgGroupCollection(mesh_file_name)
f = slim_private._load_function((nc_file_name,variable_name),groups)
groups.exportFunctionMsh(f, export_file_name)
dof = dgpy.dgDofContainer(groups, 1)
exporter = dgpy.dgIdxExporter(dof, export_file_name)
#groups.exportFunctionMsh(f, export_file_name)
def read_temporal_serie(file_name, time=None, output_netcdf=None):
"""Return a temporal serie from a text data file.
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