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Commit 158f6d48 authored by Jonathan Lambrechts's avatar Jonathan Lambrechts Committed by Valentin Vallaeys
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slimInputRead : complete error message

parent dcf121d2
......@@ -1035,7 +1035,7 @@ void slimInputRead::operator()(functorCache &cm, fullMatrix<double> &val) const
int node = cm.groupCollection().mesh().gmshVertexId(el->vertices()[cl[j]]);
int index = _mapArray[node];
if (index == -1)
Msg::Fatal(("Node data not in the "+_fileName+" for variable "+_varName+" !").c_str());
Msg::Fatal("Node data %i not in the %s for variable %s !", node, _fileName.c_str(), _varName.c_str());
vec(j, i) = _dataArray[index];
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