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Merge branch 'set_source3D' into 'master'

A source term can be add in the horizontal momentum equation

See merge request !92
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......@@ -58,6 +58,8 @@ class Slim3d_equations :
self._nuh = None
self._add_shear = None
self._verticalAdaptation = {}
self._forcing_x = None
self._forcing_y = None
def set_implicit_vertical(self, flag):
......@@ -207,6 +209,21 @@ class Slim3d_equations :
dgpy.Msg.Fatal("Unknown mode for wind stress: "+mode)
self._wind_stress = (mode, wind_x, wind_y, density_air)
def set_forcing(self, forcing_x, forcing_y):
"""Add a momentum source term derived from a gravitational potential in the shallow water equation.
keyword arguments:
* forcing_x
netcdf or .msh file containing the forcing term along the x-axis in the local basis for the whole domain [in ms^-2].
* forcing_y
netcdf or .msh file containing the forcing term along the y-axis in the local basis for the whole domain [in ms^-2].
self._forcing_x = forcing_x
self._forcing_y = forcing_y
if forcing_x is None or forcing_y is None:
dgpy.Msg.Fatal("You must set a forcing along the x axis and along the y axis")
def set_boundary_coast(self, physical_tags):
if slim_private._is_string(physical_tags):
......@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ def slim3d_setup(loop):
eq._wind_stress_x = slim_private._load_function(eq._wind_stress[1], slimSolver.groups2d)
eq._wind_stress_y = slim_private._load_function(eq._wind_stress[2], slimSolver.groups2d)
f.windStressFunc = dgpy.functorNumpy(lambda cm : mergeUVNumpy(cm,eq._wind_stress_x, eq._wind_stress_y))
if eq._initial_elevation:
f.etaInitFunc = slim_private._load_function(eq._initial_elevation, slimSolver.groups2d)
......@@ -257,7 +257,7 @@ def slim3d_setup(loop):
eq._coriolis_PC = dgpy.functionPrecomputedExtrusion(slimSolver.extrusion(), 3)
f.coriolisFunc = eq._coriolis_PC
if eq._atmPress:
f.atmPressFunc = slim_private._load_function(eq._atmPress, slimSolver.groups2d)
......@@ -305,7 +305,13 @@ def slim3d_setup(loop):
horMomEq.addBoundaryCondition(topTags, horMomEq.newBoundarySurface(f.windStressFunc)) # zero for nonconst tracers!
else :
if eq._forcing_x:
eq._forcing_x = slim_private._load_function(eq._forcing_x, slimSolver.groups3d)
eq._forcing_y = slim_private._load_function(eq._forcing_y, slimSolver.groups3d)
eq._forcing = dgpy.functorNumpy(lambda cm : mergeUVNumpy(cm, eq._forcing_x, eq._forcing_y))
for openBnd in eq._boundary_open:
horMomEq.setBoundaryNeumann(openBnd.tag, openBnd.horizontal_momentum_flux_f)
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