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Commit 8b4b8d58 authored by Valentin Vallaeys's avatar Valentin Vallaeys
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nudging : modified term

parent 8937fd61
......@@ -465,7 +465,7 @@ class ShallowWater2d:
self._ref += [_forcing_x, _forcing_y]
def set_nudging(self, coefficient, external_sse, external_ux, external_uy, external_uz=None, ramp_period=0):
def set_nudging(self, coefficient, external_sse, external_ux, external_uy, external_uz=None, ramp_period=0, transport_flux=False):
Add a nudging term as a source term in the shallow water equation.
......@@ -476,6 +476,7 @@ class ShallowWater2d:
external_uy -- netcdf or .msh file containing the external velocity along the y-axis expressed in the local basis (except for equation on a manifold for which it has to be expressed in the global basis (x,y,z)) for the whole domain [in m/s]
external_uz -- netcdf or .msh file containing the external velocity along the z-axis expressed in the global basis (x,y,z) for the whole domain [in m/s]
ramp_period -- period for the linear ramp before applying the nudging [in s] (Default: 0s, no ramp)
transport_flux -- set whether ux and uy (and uz) are velocities (False) or transport (True) (Default: False)
_coeff_nudging = _load_function(coefficient, self._domain._groups)
_external_sse = _load_function(external_sse, self._domain._groups)
......@@ -491,16 +492,16 @@ class ShallowWater2d:
_external_vel_local_x = functorNumpy(lambda cm : cm.get(_external_vel_local_)[:,0])
_external_vel_local_y = functorNumpy(lambda cm : cm.get(_external_vel_local_)[:,1])
_external_sol_local = _merger_3d(_external_sse, _external_vel_local_x, _external_vel_local_y ).functor
self._ref += [_coeff_nudging, _external_sse, _external_ux, _external_uy, _external_uz, _external_vel_local_, _external_vel_local_x, _external_vel_local_y, _external_sol_local, ramp_period]
self._ref += [_external_uz, _external_vel_local_x, _external_vel_local_y]
_external_sol_local = _merger_3d(_external_sse, _external_ux, _external_uy).functor
self._ref += [_coeff_nudging, _external_sse, _external_ux, _external_uy, _external_vel_local_, _external_sol_local, ramp_period]
self._ref += [_coeff_nudging, _external_sse, _external_ux, _external_uy, _external_vel_local_, _external_sol_local, ramp_period, transport_flux]
if (ramp_period > 0.):
self._external_sol_local = ramp3d(_external_sol_local, function.getTime(), self._initial_time, ramp_period)
self._external_sol_local = _external_sol_local
self._equation.setNudgingVelocity(self._external_sol_local, transport_flux)
def set_boundary_coast(self, physical_tag, slip=False):
......@@ -218,20 +218,19 @@ class dgConservationLawShallowWater2d::gradPsiTerm: public function {
class dgConservationLawShallowWater2d::source: public function {
fullMatrix<double> sol, solGradient, coriolisFactor, linearDissipation, quadraticDissipation, _source, _windStress, _nu, _xyz;
fullMatrix<double> _bathymetry, _bathymetryGradient, _movingBathFactor, _movingBathFactorGradient, _nudgingCoeff, _nudgingVel;
bool _linear, _isDiffusive, _useMovingBathWD, _absLayer;
bool _linear, _isDiffusive, _useMovingBathWD, _absLayer, _nudgingVelIsTransport;
double _R, _g, _density;
public :
source(const functor *linearDissipationF, const functor *quadraticDissipationF, const functor *coriolisFactorF, const functor *sourceF, const functor *windStressF,
const functor *bathymetryF, const functor *bathymetryGradientF, const functor *nuF, bool linear, double R, double g, double density,
const functor *movingBathFactorF, const functor *movingBathFactorGradientF, const functor *xyz,
const functor *nudgingCoeffF, const functor *nudgingVelF) :function (3){
const functor *nudgingCoeffF, const functor *nudgingVelF, bool nudgingVelIsTransport) :function (3){
_linear = linear;
_R = R;
_g = g;
_density = density;
_isDiffusive = nuF;
_useMovingBathWD = movingBathFactorF;
if(nuF && bathymetryF && !bathymetryGradientF){
Msg::Fatal("The gradient of the bathymetry is missing since we want to use diffusion with a bathymetry");
......@@ -243,8 +242,8 @@ class dgConservationLawShallowWater2d::source: public function {
if (nudgingVelF && nudgingCoeffF) {
_nudgingVelIsTransport = nudgingVelIsTransport;
_absLayer = true;
Msg::Info("AbsLayer is used.");
......@@ -319,20 +318,26 @@ class dgConservationLawShallowWater2d::source: public function {
val(i,1) *= J*J;
val(i,2) *= J*J;
if (_absLayer) {
double uref = _nudgingVel(i,1);
double vref = _nudgingVel(i,2);
if (_nudgingVelIsTransport){
uref = uref/_bathymetry(i,0);
vref = vref/_bathymetry(i,0);
//double sigma[2] = {_absLayerCoef(i,0), _absLayerCoef(i,1)};
//val(i,1) -= sigma[0] * (u-_nudgingVel(i,1)/H);
//val(i,2) -= sigma[1] * (v-_nudgingVel(i,2)/H);
double sigma = _nudgingCoeff(i,0);
val(i,1) -= sigma * (u-uref);
val(i,2) -= sigma * (v-vref);
// Absorbing Layer of Lavelle & co (Pretty Good Sponge)
/*double sigma[2] = {_absLayerCoef(i,0), _absLayerCoef(i,1)};
val(i,0) -= (sigma[0]+sigma[1]) * (eta-_absLayerExtForc(i,0));
val(i,1) -= sigma[0] * (u-_absLayerExtForc(i,1));
val(i,2) -= sigma[1] * (v-_absLayerExtForc(i,2));*/
// Absorbing Layer of Martinsen & co (Sponge Layer - FRS)
double H = _bathymetry(i,0) + eta;
double sigma = _nudgingCoeff(i,0);
val(i,0) -= sigma * (eta-_nudgingVel(i,0));
val(i,1) -= sigma * (u-_nudgingVel(i,1)/H);
val(i,2) -= sigma * (v-_nudgingVel(i,2)/H);
//double sigma = _nudgingCoeff(i,0);
//val(i,0) -= sigma * (eta-_nudgingVel(i,0));
//val(i,1) -= sigma * (u-uref);
//val(i,2) -= sigma * (v-vref);
......@@ -601,6 +606,7 @@ dgConservationLawShallowWater2d::dgConservationLawShallowWater2d() : dgConservat
_laxFriedrichs = false;
_nudgingCoeff = NULL;
_nudgingVel = NULL;
_nudgingVelIsTransport = false;
void dgConservationLawShallowWater2d::setImexMode(imexMode mode) {
......@@ -634,11 +640,11 @@ void dgConservationLawShallowWater2d::setup() {
_diffusion = _nu ? new diffusivity(_nu) : NULL;
_ipTerm = _nu ? dgNewIpTermIsotropicOnSphere(3, _diffusiveFlux, _diffusion) : NULL;
//_volumeTerm0[""] = new source(_linearDissipation, _quadraticDissipation, _coriolisFactor, _source, _linear);
_sourceTerm = new source(_linearDissipation, _quadraticDissipation, _coriolisFactor, _source, _windStress, _bathymetry, _bathymetryGradient, _nu, false || _linear, _R, _g, _density, _movingBathFactor, _movingBathFactorGradient, _xyz, _nudgingCoeff, _nudgingVel);
_sourceTerm = new source(_linearDissipation, _quadraticDissipation, _coriolisFactor, _source, _windStress, _bathymetry, _bathymetryGradient, _nu, false || _linear, _R, _g, _density, _movingBathFactor, _movingBathFactorGradient, _xyz, _nudgingCoeff, _nudgingVel, _nudgingVelIsTransport);
_gradPsiTerm = new gradPsiTerm(_bathymetry, _diffusiveFlux, false || _linear,_R, _movingBathFactor, _xyz, _g);
_riemannTerm = newFunctorMember(*this,&dgConservationLawShallowWater2d::riemann);
_maxSpeed = new maxConvectiveSpeed(_bathymetry, _linear, _R, false, _g);
_sourceTermLin = new source(_linearDissipation, _quadraticDissipation, _coriolisFactor, _source, _windStress, _bathymetry, _bathymetryGradient, _nu, true, _R, _g, _density, _movingBathFactor, _movingBathFactorGradient, _xyz, _nudgingCoeff, _nudgingVel);
_sourceTermLin = new source(_linearDissipation, _quadraticDissipation, _coriolisFactor, _source, _windStress, _bathymetry, _bathymetryGradient, _nu, true, _R, _g, _density, _movingBathFactor, _movingBathFactorGradient, _xyz, _nudgingCoeff, _nudgingVel, _nudgingVelIsTransport);
_gradPsiTermLin = new gradPsiTerm(_bathymetry, _diffusiveFlux, true,_R, _movingBathFactor, _xyz, _g);
_riemannTermLin = newFunctorMember(*this,&dgConservationLawShallowWater2d::riemann);
_maxSpeedFilt = new maxConvectiveSpeed(_bathymetry, _linear, _R, true, _g);
......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ class dgConservationLawShallowWater2d : public dgConservationLawFunction {
double _alphaMovingBathWD;
double _upwindFactorRiemann;
bool _laxFriedrichs;
bool _nudgingVelIsTransport;
double _R;
double _g;
double _density;
......@@ -88,7 +89,10 @@ class dgConservationLawShallowWater2d : public dgConservationLawFunction {
/**set the coefficient of the nudging layer. */
void setNudgingCoefficient(const functor *coeff){_nudgingCoeff = coeff;}
/**set the reference velocity for the nudging layer. */
void setNudgingVelocity(const functor *nudgingVel){_nudgingVel = nudgingVel;}
void setNudgingVelocity(const functor *nudgingVel, bool transport=false){
_nudgingVel = nudgingVel;
_nudgingVelIsTransport = transport;
/**use the moving bath WD (Karna et al, 2011) and define the bathymetry and the moving bathymetry */
void setMovingBathWettingDrying(double alphaMovingBathWD);
/** a factor to smooth the if in Hv term in the roe riemann solver */
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