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fix error in compute_sediment: the bathymetry is added to the sea

surface elevation (hydro_sol) and NOT to the tracer
the flux is positive for erosion. the flux has to be multiply by -1
before modifying the sediment bottom value
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......@@ -1048,11 +1048,11 @@ class ShallowWaterTracer2d:
_HC = dgpy.dgDofContainer(self._domain._groups, 1)
_H = slim_private._sum(self._solution.getFunction(), self._domain._bath_function).functor
_H = slim_private._sum(self._hydro_sol, self._domain._bath_function).functor
_H_dof= dgpy.dgDofContainer(self._domain._groups, 1)
class Loop:
"""Temporal solver"""
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