Commit cb39290c authored by Jonathan Lambrechts's avatar Jonathan Lambrechts

ekman script batch

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range="0.05 1.00 5.00"
rangew="0.0e-5 0.2e-5 0.4e-5 0.6e-5 0.8e-5 1.0e-5 1.2e-5 1.4e-5 1.6e-5 1.8e-5 2.0e-5"
for E in $range; do
for C in $rangew; do
for D in $rangew; do
echo "echo $dir; mkdir -p $dir; cp box2d.msh box2d.geo $dir; cd $dir; python $E $C $D > log"
done | xargs -I CMD --max-procs=12 bash -c CMD
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