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modifying the benchmark accordingly

parent 746c5894
......@@ -35,4 +35,4 @@ def tideDynColat(lonlat, t):
dObldColat = obl*p_const/R*np.cos(2.*colat)*np.cos(lon)*np.cos(omega*t) # 1/R *dphi_ob/dcolat
return -(dObldColat + dEccdColat)*-1# *-1 because lat and colat are anti parallel
return -(dObldColat + dEccdColat)
......@@ -46,22 +46,28 @@ if "coriolis" in do:
slimPre.netcdf_to_msh(mesh_file_name, param.data_dir+'', 'coriolis', param.data_dir+'coriolis')
if "forcing" in do:
print('Preprocessing Forcing')
print('Preprocessing Forcing')
lonlat = lonlat_global.coordinates
nPt = len(lonlat)
Flon = np.empty(nPt)
Fcolat = np.empty(nPt)
#Fr = np.zeros(nPt)
Fx = np.empty((param.nt_prepro,nPt))
Fy = np.empty((param.nt_prepro,nPt))
Fz = np.empty((param.nt_prepro,nPt))
time_vec = np.empty((param.nt_prepro))
t = param.initial_time
for i in range (param.nt_prepro):
for j in range(nPt):
Flon= functions.tideDynLon(lonlat[j,:], t)
Fcolat = functions.tideDynColat(lonlat[j,:], t)
Flon[j] = functions.tideDynLon(lonlat[j,:], t)
Fcolat[j] = functions.tideDynColat(lonlat[j,:], t)
Fr = 0
Fx[i,j], Fy[i,j], Fz[i,j] = lonlat_global.rotate3D(Flon, Fcolat, Fr,lonlat[j,:])
#Fx[i,j], Fy[i,j], Fz[i,j] = lonlat_global.rotate3D(Flon[j], Fcolat[j], Fr,lonlat[j,:])
(Fx[i,:], Fy[i,:], Fz[i,:]) = lonlat_global.rotateSphere(Flon, Fcolat, 0)
time_vec[i] = t
turn = t // param.T
turnRest = float(t % param.T)
......@@ -69,12 +75,13 @@ if "forcing" in do:
print('|ITER|',i,'|TURN|',turn,'|DAYS|',days,'|DT|',param.dt, '|t|', t)
t = t + param.dt
time = slimPre.Time(time_vector = time_vec, periodic = True)
slimPre.write_file(param.data_dir+'', region=region_global, time=time, data=[('Fx', Fx), ('Fy', Fy), ('Fz', Fz)])
slimPre.write_file(param.data_dir+'forcing_'+param.bathy_acc+'.nc', region=region_global, time=time, data=[('Fx', Fx), ('Fy', Fy), ('Fz', Fz)])
if check_result:
slimPre.netcdf_to_msh(mesh_file_name, param.data_dir+'', 'Fx', param.data_dir+'Fx',50*param.dt)
slimPre.netcdf_to_msh(mesh_file_name, param.data_dir+'', 'Fy', param.data_dir+'Fy',50*param.dt)
for i in range (param.nt_prepro):
slimPre.netcdf_to_msh(mesh_file_name, param.data_dir+'forcing_'+param.bathy_acc+'.nc', 'Fx', param.data_dir+'Fx-%03d' %i,i*param.dt)
slimPre.netcdf_to_msh(mesh_file_name, param.data_dir+'forcing_'+param.bathy_acc+'.nc', 'Fy', param.data_dir+'Fy-%03d' %i,i*param.dt)
slimPre.netcdf_to_msh(mesh_file_name, param.data_dir+'forcing_'+param.bathy_acc+'.nc', 'Fz', param.data_dir+'Fz-%03d' %i,i*param.dt)
if "gravity" in do:
lonlat = lonlat_global.coordinates
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