Commit e130a038 authored by Philippe Delandmeter's avatar Philippe Delandmeter
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slim: make directory in parallel

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...@@ -946,8 +946,12 @@ def set_global_data_directory(path): ...@@ -946,8 +946,12 @@ def set_global_data_directory(path):
def make_directory(data_dir): def make_directory(data_dir):
"""Create data_dir directory if it does not exist yet""" """Create data_dir directory if it does not exist yet"""
if not slim_private.path.isdir(data_dir) : try:
slim_private.makedirs(data_dir) slim_private.makedirs(data_dir)
if not slim_private.path.isdir(data_dir) :
dgpy.Msg.Fatal("coult not create directory: %s" % data_dir)
dgpy.Msg.Barrier() dgpy.Msg.Barrier()
def partition_mesh(mesh_file_name, partitioned_mesh_file_name): def partition_mesh(mesh_file_name, partitioned_mesh_file_name):
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