Commit e73f510a authored by Valentin Vallaeys's avatar Valentin Vallaeys Committed by Philippe Delandmeter
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add option for vector/scalar uv output

parent e3af1bdd
......@@ -210,11 +210,15 @@ class Loop:
self._restart_dir = None
self._restart_ind = -1
def export_uv(self): self._export_uv = True
def export_uv(self, vect=True):
self._export_uv = True
self._export_uv_vect = vect
def export_w(self): self._export_w = True
def export_salinity(self): self._export_S = True
def export_temperature(self): self._export_T = True
def export_uv2d(self): self._export_uvAv2d = True
def export_uv2d(self, vect=True):
self._export_uvAv2d = True
self._export_uvAv2d_vect = vect
def export_elevation(self): self._export_eta = True
def export_vertical_diffusivity(self): self._export_kappav = True
def export_vertical_viscosity(self): self._export_nuv = True
......@@ -236,10 +240,10 @@ class Loop:
d = slimSolver.getDofs()
if self._export_uv: self._export.append(dgpy.dgIdxExporter(d.uvDof, self._odir + "/uv", True))
if self._export_uv: self._export.append(dgpy.dgIdxExporter(d.uvDof, self._odir + "/uv", self._export_uv_vect))
if self._export_w: self._export.append(dgpy.dgIdxExporter(d.wDof3d, self._odir + "/w"))
if self._export_rho: self._export.append(dgpy.dgIdxExporter(d.rhoDof3d, self._odir + "/rho"))
if self._export_uvAv2d: self._export.append(dgpy.dgIdxExporter(d.uvAvDof2d, self._odir + "/uvAv2d", True))
if self._export_uvAv2d: self._export.append(dgpy.dgIdxExporter(d.uvAvDof2d, self._odir + "/uvAv2d", self._export_uvAv2d_vect))
if self._export_eta: self._export.append(dgpy.dgIdxExporter(d.etaDof2d, self._odir + "/eta"))
if self._export_S:
if slimSolver.getSolveS():
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