Commit fa5c60ed authored by Jonathan Lambrechts's avatar Jonathan Lambrechts Committed by Valentin Vallaeys
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avoid swig warning about nested class

parent 723ffc93
...@@ -237,10 +237,12 @@ class slimFlowRateToVelocity:public function { ...@@ -237,10 +237,12 @@ class slimFlowRateToVelocity:public function {
class slimDownwindMask:public functor { class slimDownwindMask:public functor {
class rtree; class rtree;
rtree *_rtree; rtree *_rtree;
#ifndef SWIG
typedef struct { typedef struct {
double x0[2], x1[2]; double x0[2], x1[2];
} Segment; } Segment;
std::vector<Segment> _segments; std::vector<Segment> _segments;
const functor *_wind; const functor *_wind;
double _dist; double _dist;
public : public :
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