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add fluid_problem set_coordinates

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......@@ -1744,6 +1744,17 @@ void fluid_problem_adapt_mesh(FluidProblem *problem, Mesh *new_mesh, int old_n_p
void fluid_problem_set_coordinates(FluidProblem *problem, double *x) {
for (int i = 0; i < problem->mesh->n_nodes*3; ++i) {
problem->mesh->x[i] = x[i];
problem->mesh_tree = mesh_tree_create(problem->mesh);
mesh_tree_particle_to_mesh(problem->mesh_tree, problem->n_particles, problem->particle_position, problem->particle_element_id, problem->particle_uvw);
compute_porosity(problem->mesh, problem->node_volume, problem->porosity, problem->n_particles, problem->particle_position, problem->particle_volume, problem->particle_element_id, problem->particle_uvw, NULL);
void fluid_problem_set_particles(FluidProblem *problem, int n, double *mass, double *volume, double *position, double *velocity, double *contact) {
if (problem->n_particles != n) {
problem->n_particles = n;
......@@ -176,6 +176,9 @@ class FluidProblem :
if(self._fp is not None) :
def set_coordinates(self, x):
self._lib.fluid_problem_set_coordinates(self._fp, _np2c(x))
def load_msh(self, mesh_file_name) :
"""Sets the domain geometry for the fluid computation.
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