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......@@ -48,18 +48,33 @@ The testcases are in the HOME/marblesbag/testcases directory.
General description of python runs:
1. Positioning of the grains:
-genInitialPosition: definition de la position et des proprietes des grains
args: -filename: nom du fichier d'ecriture
-r: rayon des grains
-rho: densite des grains
- ++ args de geometrie pour la repartition des grains
-Definition des parametres physiques et numeriques
-Initialisation des structures fluid et contact
=>Conditions frontieres: Ex: strong_boundaries = [("Top",2,0.),("Top",1,0.),("Top",0,0.),("Box",1,0.),("Box",0,0.)]
agrs: -Label: nom de la frontiere (dans le .msh)
-Champs: champs dont on impose la valeur (0: u, 1: v, 2: p)
-Valeur: valeur a affecter au champs.
-Algo de resolution
* genInitialPosition: function to place grains
args: + filename: name of the file to save features of the grains
+ r: grains radius
+ rho: grains density
+ additional args can be defined to specify the repartition geometry of the grains (e.g. external radius for drops)
2. Definition of numerical and physical parameters:
* g : gravity
* $'\rho'$ : fluid density
* $'\rho_p'$ : grains density
* $'\nu'$ : kinematic viscosity
* dt : time step
* $'\alpha'$ : stabilisation coefficient
* $'\varepsilon'$ :stabilisation parameter
* $'t_{end}'$ : time stop
3. Initialisation of the fluid/grains structures
4. Boudary conditions :
Ex: strong_boundaries = [("Top",2,0.),("Top",1,0.),("Top",0,0.),("Box",1,0.),("Box",0,0.)]
agrs (tuple): +Boundary name
+ Field to impose (0: u, 1: v, 2: p)
+ Value of the field
5. Resolution loop
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