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Final version of the local adaptive algorithm

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......@@ -1836,7 +1836,6 @@ void fluid_problem_local_adapt_mesh(FluidProblem *problem, double lcmax, double
x_new[n*3+ii] = mesh->x[n*3+ii];
deep_tree_travel(mesh, problem->Tree, problem->map, map_new, x_new, elements_new, boundaries_new, boundary_tags_new, n_nodes_new, n_elements_new, n_boundaries_new, problem->size_initial_mesh);
problem->map = NULL;
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......@@ -137,6 +137,7 @@ typedef struct Tree_cell
int nodes[3]; // nodes tag of the current triangle
int neighbours[3]; // tag of the three neighbors of the current triangle
int phys[3]; // -1 if the edge is not on the boundaries and phys_id if the edge is part of the boundaries.
int bdies[3];
} Tree_cell ;
......@@ -144,6 +145,7 @@ typedef struct Tree_cell
void deep_tree_initialized(Mesh *mesh, Tree_cell *Tree, int size);
void initialize_children(Tree_cell *current, int excess);
void initialize_children_bis(Tree_cell *current);
void look_for(Tree_cell *current, int elt);
void deep_tree_get_mapping(Tree_cell *Tree, Tree_cell **map, int size);
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