Commit 80974a1a authored by Michel Henry's avatar Michel Henry
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parent 960d9115
......@@ -122,7 +122,6 @@ void fluid_problem_node_force_volume(FluidProblem *problem, const double *soluti
double f[D],dfdu,dfddp;
if(ip == 0) printf("Force : %14.7f\n", f[0]);
if (!local_vector)
......@@ -372,6 +371,15 @@ static void particle_force_f(FluidProblem *problem, double *f, double *dfdu, dou
*dfdu = gammastar/c;
*dfddp = gammastar*dt/mass*vol;//-vol;
if(ip == 2){
for(int i = 0; i < D; ++i){
printf("u : %14.7f\n", u[i]);
printf("c : %14.7f\n", c);
printf("f : %14.7f\n", f[0]);
printf("dfdu : %14.7f\n", *dfdu);
printf("dfddp : %14.7f\n", *dfddp);
static void fluid_problem_f(const FluidProblem *problem, const double *sol, double dsol[][D], const double *solold, const double dsolold[][D], const double* mesh_velocity, const double c, const double *dc, const double *bf, const double cold, const double rho, const double mu, double dt, int iel, double *f0, double f1[][D], double f00[], double f10[][D], double f01[][D], double f11[][D][D]) {
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