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......@@ -6,7 +6,6 @@ Installation
git clone
cd marblesbag/marblesbag
gedit ~/.bashrc
+ Write the following line in your bashrc
......@@ -15,31 +14,41 @@ Installation
Using the inerface to show resutls
+ Open your terminal and type the following commands
cd HOME/marblesbag/scontactplot
mkdir build
cd build
gedit ~/.bashrc
=> export PATH=$HOME/Documents/marblesbag/scontactplot/build:$PATH
+ Write the following line in your bashrc
export PATH=$HOME/Documents/marblesbag/scontactplot/build:$PATH
Testcases ready to use
The testcases are in the HOME/marblesbag/testcases directory.
+ In couette-2d:
* : mix of grains with different size in a rotating geometry with gravity
* : grains in a rotating geometry without gravity
+ In drop-2d:
* : two swarms initially placed one above the other falling in a viscous fluid
* : a swarm falling in a viscous fluid
* : a swarm with an initial bell-shape to simulate the extrusion process
+ In funnel/funnelSpecialDistrib
* : sedimentation of grains initially placed in a funnel with a gaussian distribution of the diameter frequency
-Description des run (cas general):
General description of python runs:
-genInitialPosition: definition de la position et des proprietes des grains
args: -filename: nom du fichier d'ecriture
-r: rayon des grains
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