Commit a5478694 authored by Jonathan Lambrechts's avatar Jonathan Lambrechts
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parent 1e418a64
......@@ -26,19 +26,12 @@ set(SRC
include_directories(. ../tools)
add_library(scontact3 SHARED ${SRC})
target_compile_definitions(scontact3 PUBLIC -DDIMENSION=3 -DROTATION_ENABLED=1)
#add_library(scontact3 SHARED ${SRC})
#target_compile_definitions(scontact3 PUBLIC -DDIMENSION=3 -DROTATION_ENABLED=1)
add_library(scontact2 SHARED ${SRC})
target_compile_definitions(scontact2 PUBLIC -DDIMENSION=2 -DROTATION_ENABLED=1)
add_library(scontact2fwr SHARED ${SRC})
target_compile_definitions(scontact2fwr PUBLIC -DDIMENSION=2)
add_library(scontact3fwr SHARED ${SRC})
target_compile_definitions(scontact3fwr PUBLIC -DDIMENSION=3)
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