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one less but still not ok

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......@@ -513,12 +513,12 @@ static void compute_weak_boundary_conditions(FluidProblem *problem, const double
double s[fields->n], sold[fields->n], ds[fields->n][D], dsold[fields->n][D];
double sf[fields->local_size], dsf[fields->local_size][D];
fe_fields_f(fields, xiel, sf);
fe_fields_df(fields, QP[iqp], dxidx, dsf);
fe_fields_df(fields, xiel, dxidx, dsf);
fe_fields_eval_grad_sf(fields, mesh, iel, sf, dsf, problem->solution, s, ds);
fe_fields_eval_grad_sf(fields, mesh, iel, sf, dsf, solution_old, sold, dsold);
double dc[D], c, sfporosity[problem->field_porosity->local_size], dsfporosity[problem->field_porosity->local_size][D] ;
fe_fields_f(problem->field_porosity, QP[iqp], sfporosity);
fe_fields_df(problem->field_porosity, QP[iqp], dxidx, dsfporosity);
fe_fields_f(problem->field_porosity, xiel, sfporosity);
fe_fields_df(problem->field_porosity, xiel, dxidx, dsfporosity);
fe_fields_eval_grad_sf(problem->field_porosity, mesh, iel, sfporosity, dsfporosity, problem->porosity, &c, &dc);
double f0[fields->n], f00[fields->n*fields->n],f01[fields->n*fields->n][D];
for (int i = 0; i < fields->n; ++i) {
......@@ -535,12 +535,12 @@ static void compute_weak_boundary_conditions(FluidProblem *problem, const double
double a = 0;
if (problem->n_fluids==2) {
double sfconcentration[problem->field_concentration->local_size];
fe_fields_f(problem->field_concentration, QP[iqp], sfconcentration);
fe_fields_f(problem->field_concentration, xiel, sfconcentration);
fe_fields_eval_sf(problem->field_concentration, mesh, iel, sfconcentration, problem->concentration, &a);
const FEElement *mesh_element = problem->mesh->element;
double meshf[mesh_element->nlocal];
mesh_element->f(QP[iqp], meshf);
mesh_element->f(xiel, meshf);
double umesh[D] = {0};
for (int i = 0; i < mesh_element->nlocal; ++i) {
for (int j=0; j<D; ++j) {
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