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ugrid conversion

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......@@ -409,6 +409,91 @@ def convert_to_gis(input_filename: str,
def convert_to_ugrid_mesh_file(input_filename: str,
dico_var: dict,
projection: _tools.osr.SpatialReference,
output_filename: str) -> None:
""" Converts a triangular gmsh mesh into netcdf ugrid mesh file.
input_filename : any mesh file readable by gmsh (typically
a .msh file)
dico_var : a dictionary of variable name with all required informations
projection: the projection assigned to the mnt layer
output_filename : netcdf ugrid mesh file (.nc)
_tools.log("Convert \"{}\" into \"{}\"".format(input_filename,
output_filename), True)
tri_i, tri_n = gmsh.model.mesh.getElementsByType(2)
tri_n = tri_n.reshape([-1, 3])
node_i, nodes, _ = gmsh.model.mesh.getNodes()
nodes = nodes.reshape([-1, 3])
x = nodes[:,0]
y = nodes[:,1]
# unit_proj = projection.GetLinearUnits()
# print(unit_proj)
node =,len(x),1)
element =, 1)
nvertex =[0,1,2], dtype='int32')
nele =,len(tri_i),1, dtype="int32")
mesh_topology =[-2147483647], dtype='int32')
single =[0], dtype='int32')
ds = _tools.xr.Dataset()
ds.coords['longitude'] = (('node'),
ds['longitude'].attrs= {'long_name': 'longitude',
'standard_name': 'longitude',
'units': 'm',
'positive': 'east'}
ds.coords['latitude'] = (('node'),
ds['latitude'].attrs ={'long_name': 'latitude',
'standard_name': 'latitude',
'units': 'm',
'positive': 'north'}
ds['element'] = (('nele', 'nvertex'),element)
ds['element'].attrs = {'long_name': 'element',
'standard_name': 'face_node_connectivity',
'units': 'nondimensional',
'start_index': 0}
ds['mesh_topology'] = ('single',mesh_topology)
ds['mesh_topology'].attrs = {'long_name': 'mesh topology',
'standard_name': 'mesh_topology',
'node_coordinates': 'longitude latitude',
'face_node_connectivity': 'element',
'cf_role': 'mesh_topology',
'topology_dimension': 2}
for var in dico_var.keys():
var_val = dico_var[var]['callable_func'](nodes, projection)
ds[var] = (('node'),var_val)
ds[var].attrs = {'long_name': dico_var[var]['long_name'],
'standard_name': dico_var[var]['standard_name'],
'location': 'node',
'mesh': 'mesh_topology',
'units': dico_var[var]['units']}
encoding = {v: {'zlib': True, 'complevel': 4} for v in dico_var.keys()}
ds.attrs = {'title': gmsh.model.getCurrent(),
'institution': 'Institution Name',
'source': 'UCL(SEAMSH) & BRGM',
'references': 'REF',
'Conventions': 'CF-1.6, UGRID-1.0'}
ds.to_netcdf(path=output_filename, format='NETCDF4',encoding=encoding)
# ds.to_netcdf(path=output_filename, format='NETCDF4')
def _finalize():
  • J'ai omis le fait qu'il faut ajouter "import xarray as xr" dans _tools !

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