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extra to indexes

parent 0a1ce876
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ This project develops a neuromuscular controller to achieve human-like locomotio
* [python](animationR/python): python scripts to generate visualization (CAD...) files for a mesh like GCM (Ground Contact Model)
* [dataR](dataR): XML files (.mbs) describing the multi-body properties (structure, masses, inertia...) of the different COMAN models, together with visualization information
* [elem](dataR/elem): .mbs files which can be combined to make bigger .mbs files
* [extra](dataR/extra): extra model-related files, like indexes
* [index](dataR/index): translation of indexes between *user_all_id.h* and the specific simulation files
* [python](dataR/python): python script to combine .mbs files (from [elem](dataR/elem)) in another .mbs file
* [visu](dataR/visu): .mbs files used for the 3D visualization
* [doc](doc): contains the *Doxyfile* used to generate project documentation
......@@ -293,7 +293,7 @@ The following procedure can be used to generate new models of the COMAN robot (o
* Create a *build* folder (`mkdir build`), *cd* into it (`cd build`), configure (`cmake ..`) and compile it (`make`).
* Launch `./Gen_mds_user path_to_mbs user_all_id`
* Move the created file in the new folder: `mv userfctR/user_all_id.h symbolicR/new_version/`
* Go in the [dataR/extra](dataR/extra) folder, and create the folder *new_version*. Create the related ** file.
* Go in the [dataR/index](dataR/index) folder, and create the folder *new_version*. Create the related ** file.
* In [CMakeLists.txt](workR/CMakeLists.txt) change `set( WALKER_VERSION "old_version" )` by `set( WALKER_VERSION "new_version" )`
* Add a new version name *NEW_NAME* in [SimuOptions.h](userFiles/simu/io/simu_options/SimuOptions.h).
* Add the line `else if (!strcmp(WALKER_VERSION, "new_version")) return NEW_NAME;` in [SimuOptions.c](userFiles/simu/io/simu_options/SimuOptions.c).
......@@ -92,13 +92,13 @@ init_src()
increment_src( ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR} )
increment_void_user( ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR} )
increment_src( ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/../userFiles )
increment_src( ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/../dataR/extra/${WALKER_VERSION} )
increment_src( ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/../dataR/index/${WALKER_VERSION} )
# list include directories (to find headers)
increment_include( ${ROBOTRAN_SOURCE_DIR}/mbs_common )
increment_include( ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/../userFiles )
increment_include( ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/../dataR/extra/${WALKER_VERSION} )
increment_include( ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/../dataR/index/${WALKER_VERSION} )
# include these directories
include_directories ( ${INCLUDE_DIR} )
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