Commit daf18cf6 authored by Nicolas Van der Noot's avatar Nicolas Van der Noot

plot comments

parent 89093da7
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ void MeanSpeedAnalysis::Compute()
// running speed
actual_speed = speed_av_compute->UpdateGet(norm2D(mbs_data->qd[FJ_T1_id], mbs_data->qd[FJ_T2_id]));
set_plot(actual_speed, "actual speed [m/s]");
set_plot(actual_speed, "actual speed [m/s] (with delay)");
// mean speed
dist_coman = norm2D(mbs_data->q[FJ_T1_id], mbs_data->q[FJ_T2_id]);
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