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......@@ -289,7 +289,7 @@ The following procedure can be used to generate new models of the COMAN robot (o
* Place it in the [dataR](dataR) folder.
* Open it, check that everything is fine, save it (to get Robotran .mbs conventions) and close it.
* Generate the new symbolic files for this .mbs file and place them in a new folder *new_version* inside [symbolicR](symbolicR)
* Go inside *MBsysC/mbs_app/user_file_generation*
* Go inside *mbsysCopy/mbs_app/user_file_generation*
* Create a *build* folder (`mkdir build`), *cd* into it (`cd build`), configure (`cmake ..`) and compile it (`make`).
* Launch `./Gen_mds_user path_to_mbs user_all_id`
* Move the created file in the new folder: `mv userfctR/user_all_id.h symbolicR/new_version/`
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