Commit 05ac48aa authored by Olivier Lantsoght's avatar Olivier Lantsoght


parent 1c39a7dd
## Changes for next release
* To be defined
* **For user: Requires to generate again user files (and user file generation application)**
* [Python]
* **function `MbsData.mbs_load_from_file` renamed to `MbsData.load_state`
* **function `MbsSensor.gensensor` renamed to `MbsSensor.gen_sensor`
* [Fix] some attributes of `MbsPart` were mislinked to C-memory.
* [Fix] `qv` attributes of `MbsData` was missing.
* [Fix] User model 'array-like' starts with index 1 (Similar to MBsysC)
* **For user: update your MBsysPy project as previous indexing was starting at 0.**
* [Fix] Unsupported User Model (LUT, structures) does not prevent model loading.
* [Fix] User model vector and state correctly binded in pure Python and mixed-C.
* [New] attributes of `MbsSensor` are set to 0 before any computation
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