Commit 28fba19b authored by Olivier Lantsoght's avatar Olivier Lantsoght
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Solves #265, mbs_dirdyn_finish is called even in case of error.

parent 0d67d2e3
......@@ -317,9 +317,9 @@ class MbsDirdyn(object):
name = bytes_to_str(self.mbs_dirdyn_ptr.contents.user_buffer.contents.names[i])
self.results.outputs[name] = user_out[0]
if (error >= 0):
libmodules.mbs_dirdyn_finish(self.mbs_dirdyn_ptr, self.mbs.mbs_data_ptr)
error_finish = libmodules.mbs_dirdyn_finish(self.mbs_dirdyn_ptr, self.mbs.mbs_data_ptr)
if (error >= 0 and error_finish >= 0):
if self.get_options("save2file") and not results_loaded:
mbs_msg("The beginning of the integration is not available in the buffer.\n"
"The complete results are loaded from files.\n")
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