Commit 59762152 authored by Sébastien Timmermans's avatar Sébastien Timmermans
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[dd] improve onshot flag description

parent edbcd38b
......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ typedef struct MbsDirdynOptions
int flag_oneshot; //!< 1 to compute the derivative function only once (no time integration !), default = 0
//!< The time is the value found in the option t0
//!< the default resfilename is changed to 'oneshot'. you can still change it in the user_dirdyn function
//!< The default resfilename is changed to 'oneshot'.
int flag_compute_Qc; //!< choose to compute (or not) the Qc for driven variables. For dirdyn only. ==1 by default
//!< this allows to go faster
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