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New Robotran Project
# MBsysC: Analysing Multibody systems with Robotran in C/C++
MBsysC provides numerical modules for analysing multibody systems using
the symbolic equations generated thanks to [Robotran](
It provides several functionalities, such as:
* Various kinds of analysis:
* Direct dynamics (time simulation)
* Equilibrium search (static and quasi-static)
* Modal analysis
* (Inverse dynamics)
* Several interfaces:
* Pure C/C++ interface
* [Python interface](MBsysC/readme_aux/ ) (using Cython)
* [Simulink interface](MBsysC/readme_aux/ )
* [Realtime simulation] with 3D vizualisation and plots(MBsysC/readme_aux/
* Possible coupling with other fields such as granular material with LMGC90
* [Simulink interface](MBsysC/readme_aux/ )
[Tutorials]( can be found on [Robotran website](
Specific instructions about MBsysC modules can be found in the
[MBsysC/readme_aux](MBsysC/readme_aux) folder
## Installation
Installation instructions for the dependencies can be found in [this file](MBsysC/readme_aux/
## Realtime features
All the information to use the real-time modules can be found in [this file](MBsysC/readme_aux/
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