Commit 81b88912 authored by Olivier Lantsoght's avatar Olivier Lantsoght
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[MBsysPy][algebra] faster strong matrix product, __get_index_0_matrix__ removed

parent c1cfde85
......@@ -348,76 +348,21 @@ def matrix_product(M1, M2, res=None, index_1=True):
Due to the checks on input parameters this function is slow. Faster implementation,
each specific to a product (matrix with vector or matrix with matrix) exist.
M1, mat1 = __get_index_0_matrix__(M1, size_4)
M2, mat2 = __get_index_0_matrix__(M2, size_4)
if not mat1:
if M1.ndim != 2:
raise ValueError('Parameter M1 must be a matrix')
if Mres is None:
size = 4 * size_4 + 3 * (not size_4)
if mat2:
Mres = np.zeros((size, size))
if M2.ndim not in [1, 2]:
raise ValueError('Parameter M2 must be a vector or a matrix.')
if res is None:
size = index_1 + 3
if M2.ndim == 2:
res = np.zeros((size, size))
res[index_1:, index_1:] =[index_1:size, index_1:size], M2[index_1:size, index_1:size])[:, :]
Mres = np.zeros(size)
first_index = int(size_4)
if mat2:
Mres[first_index:, first_index:] =, M2)[:, :]
Mres[first_index:] =, M2)[:]
return Mres
res = np.zeros(size)
res[index_1:] =[index_1:size, index_1:size], M2[index_1:size])[:]
def __get_index_0_matrix__(M, size_4):
"""Remove first index and check if right dimensions.
M : list or numpy.ndarray
Matrix or vector.
size_4 : bool, optional
True if vectors have a size of 4 and matrices are 4x4.
default: True.
If M is not an array of size 4 if size_4 is True.
If M is not a numpy.ndarray or a list.
M1 : numpy.ndarray
M without first index.
mat : bool
True if M1 is a matrix.
mat = True
if isinstance(M, (list, np.ndarray)):
if len(np.shape(M)) == 1:
M = np.array([M], dtype=float)
if len(np.shape(M)) == 2:
if (M.shape)[0] == 1:
M1 = np.array(M[0, 1:], dtype=float)
mat = False
elif (M.shape)[1] == 1:
M1 = np.array(M[1:, 0], dtype=float)
mat = False
M1 = np.array(M[1:, 1:], dtype=float)
raise ValueError('Matrices with more than 2 dimensions are not handled')
if size_4 and (not np.all(np.array(M1.shape) == 3)):
raise ValueError('Matrices must be arrays of size 4 if "size_4" is True')
return M1, mat
raise TypeError('Matrices must be numpy.ndarray or list')
return res
def rotation_matrix(rot_type, angle, Rres=None):
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