Commit 88cfad8b authored by Nicolas Docquier's avatar Nicolas Docquier
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Merge branch 'documentation' into 'dev'


Do not include anymore complete path in figures.

See merge request !86
parents c855c8cc 3d3e7e7f
......@@ -184,7 +184,7 @@ struct MbsData
int Ncons; ///< Number of algebraic constraints.
int Nuserc; ///< Number of user constraints.
double NRerr; ///< Maximal error on constraint allowed in Newton-Raphson algorithm.
double *lambda; ///< Array with the values of Lagrange Multiplied related to the constraints.
double *lambda; ///< Array with the values of the Lagrange Multipliers related to the constraints.
// Driven variables (and joint forces)
double *Qc; ///< Array with the value of joint force introduced in driven joint to respect the user function.
///< The driven forces/torques are saved in the entries given by index vector, MbsData::qc
......@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@ FULL_PATH_NAMES = YES
# If left blank the directory from which doxygen is run is used as the
# path to strip.
# The STRIP_FROM_INC_PATH tag can be used to strip a user-defined part of
# the path mentioned in the documentation of a class, which tells
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