Commit 8b6c4da4 authored by Olivier Lantsoght's avatar Olivier Lantsoght 🏁
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parent f88ac491
......@@ -143,7 +143,9 @@ void mbs_calc_hJ(MbsData *s, MbsAux *mbs_aux)
// contraintes de fermeture de boucles
if (s->Nloopc>0){
// contraintes user
if (s->Nuserc>0) {
user_cons_hJ(mbs_aux->huserc, mbs_aux->Juserc, s, s->tsim);
......@@ -13,5 +13,9 @@
void mbs_cons_hJ(double *h,double **Jac, MbsData *s, double tsim)
mbs_msg(">>CONSTRAINTS>> \n");
mbs_msg(">>CONSTRAINTS>> The computation calls the contraints error and Jacobian symbolic function.\n");
mbs_msg(">>CONSTRAINTS>> The symbolic file was either not generated or included in the project.\n");
mbs_msg(">>CONSTRAINTS>> Generate the file (if needed) and regenerate the project with CMake.\n");
mbs_error_msg(">>CONSTRAINTS>> [%d] Error calling a dummy symbolic function.\n", -802);
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