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Merge branch 'patch_1.14.3' into 'master'

[MBsysPy] Fix call to comp_s_sensor in comp_f_sensor

See merge request robotran/mbsysc!376
parents 2efe82c9 1498d903
## Changes for next release
* To be defined
## Robotran v1.14.3
* [Python] Fix in MbsSensor class:
* bad call to `comp_s_sensor` in `comp_f_sensor` raising exception.
## Robotran v1.14.2
* [Python] Fixes in MbsSensor class:
* bad field called in `comp_f_sensor` raising exception.
......@@ -291,7 +291,7 @@ class MbsSensor(object):
# Computation
self.comp_s_sensor(self, id_ + self.__mbs_data.Nsensor)
self.comp_s_sensor(id_ + self.__mbs_data.Nsensor)
def reset(self):
"""Reset all the fields of the sensor."""
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