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## Changes for next release
## Robotran v1.9.4
* Add a python interface for driving the simulation via a python script (see MBsysC/readme_aux/ and MBsysC/mbs_interface/mbs_python)
* Add the possibility to embed a MBsysC project in a simulink S-function (see example in MBsysC/mbs_interface/mbs_simulink)
* Enable a "separate build" mode for compiling. This enables to compile MBsysC modules only once. Then, only the project specific files (user functions, symbolic functions and main function) must be compiled for each project. The old fashion compiling (i.e. monolithic build) which compiles both MbsysC and project specific files together is still available and set as the default option in the CMakeLists.txt of a nex project. **This requires to adapt existing projects. In particular, CMakeLists.txt are added to userfctR and symbolicR folder. The CmakeLists.txt file in the workR folder is modified. Include in the userfct/realtime files are also modified.**
* Correct a bug that prevent loading *.mbs file after starting 3D visu because the decimal separator may be changed from dot to coma
* Use a uniform syntax for helpful functions that manage arrays and matrices. **This may require to adapt the name of those function if you use it in you user functions**. (see MBsysC/mbs_common/mbs_utilities/useful_functions.h )
* Add new modules for equilibrium and modal analysis
* Add the possiblity to animate auxiliary \*.mbs file in addition to the simulated one. The motion of the auxiliary \*.mbs must be computed by the user. **This modification requires to update the template files user_realtime_options.c and user_realtime_visu.c**
* update the findJNI and findJava CMake file for compatibility with java 8
* Use pre-processor flag LINUX rather than WIN32 for os specific part of code
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