Commit e6bb640c authored by Nicolas Van der Noot's avatar Nicolas Van der Noot
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small adapt time step variable location modif

parent 6b6343ac
......@@ -63,9 +63,8 @@ typedef struct MbsDirdynOptions
int realtime; ///< 1 to activate to real-time features, 0 to deactivate them
// adaptive time step
int adapt_time_step; ///< 1 to use dopri5 (adaptive time step), 0 to use runge kutta 4 (fixed time step)
// adaptive time step options
int adapt_max_steps; ///< maximal number of stpes [-]
double adapt_rtoler; ///< relative error tolerances [-]
double adapt_atoler; ///< absolute error tolerances [-]
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