Commit e9209a8a authored by Olivier Lantsoght's avatar Olivier Lantsoght

[Fix] b=Rred[u]

parent 3d65b36e
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ int invdynared(MbsAux *mbs_aux, MbsData *s)
copy_dvec_0(mbs_aux->Rred+1, mbs_aux->b+1, s->nqa);
copy_dvec_0(mbs_aux->Rred+1, mbs_aux->b+1, s->nqu);
// Switch case between over-iso-under actuated system
if (s->nqa == s->nqu) { // solution of the original equations: Qact(ind_a) = A\b;
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