Commit fb9916b9 authored by Sébastien Timmermans's avatar Sébastien Timmermans
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Update for integrator types

parent f0f4a7bc
......@@ -583,7 +583,7 @@ class MbsDirdyn(object):
default is an array full of zero (no forces computation)
integrator : str
Set integrator to use, available value:
- "RK4": explicit Runge–Kutta method
- "RK4": explicit Runge–Kutta method order 4
fixed stepsize
- "Dopri5": explicit Runge–Kutta method of order (4)5
adaptative stepsize
......@@ -596,9 +596,12 @@ class MbsDirdyn(object):
fixed stepsize
- "EulerIm": Euler implicit method
fixed stepsize
for stiff problems
- "WMethods": Implicit Euler extented to two stages
for stiff problems
- "Bader": Semi-implicit midpoint rule method
adaptative stepsize
- "WMethods": implicit W Methods
for stiff problems
default is "RK4"
verbose : int
Set to 1 to get messages related to adaptive stepsize integrator. To
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