MBsysC version associated to MBsysPad v1.12.0
  • [New] Inverse Dynamic module (Invdyn)
    • See examples PendulumSpringC and miscellaneous/Invdyna_Delta
  • XML loading (MbsInfos):
    • New structure names and new functions (adding a mission flag in binding functions)
    • Requires to generate again user files (and user file generation application)
    • Check user IO and user model size coherence between loaded .mbs file and compiled project (Error -900). Do not check type coherence.
  • [User derivative] [Dirdyn] The option "compute_all_uxd" is added during direct dynamic module. The user can choose between the time-integration of all user_derivative or none. Per default, the flag is ON (= 1 = all are computed).
  • [Integrators] Euler Implicit and W-Methods are now functional but have not been extensively tested.