MBsysC version associated to MBsysPad v1.9.7
  • BugFix in equilibrium module (result vector was freed before being printed leading in some case to incoherent value)
  • Add an integrator (Rosenbrock) dedicated to stiff problems: simply set the flag to use rosenbrock in dirdyn option to ON: mbs_dirdyn->options->rosenbrock->flag_use = 1; (same as for Dopri5)
  • Add an application to generate VTK/ParaView output files. This required some adaptation of OpenGL 3D visu of NVdN (see merge request !135 for details). Requirements:
    • Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libvtk6-dev libproj-dev
  • Remove deprecated headers, MBSdataStructR7.h and MBSfunR7.h. If some old symbolic routines still use these headers, they can be re-generated from MBsysPad to get the proper headers.
  • Remove nwheel and rnom fieds from the MbsData structure. If necessary, those values should be defined via a user model.
  • Add the possibility to load vrml files in the OpenGL 3D view

NB: Project created with v1.9.6 should be directly compatible to v1.9.7. It might be needed to generate the user_model files again (via MBsysPad, Tools/Generate C-specific user files/User model files)