Commit 25ce07b5 authored by Nicolas Docquier's avatar Nicolas Docquier

Merge branch 'python_loader' into 'dev'

Python loader

See merge request robotran/mbsysc!225
parents 5d47a621 11d0bd70
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ outputter.SetOutputDirectory(output_path)
# Set the name of the output files
# Set the number of timestep between to output files
# Set the number of timestep in the .anim file between two output files
# Print the files
......@@ -195,8 +195,8 @@ cdef extern from "mbs_load_xml.h":
c_MbsData* c_mbs_load "mbs_load" (const char *mbs_filename, const char *build_path)
c_MbsData* c_mbs_load_with_loader "mbs_load_with_loader" (const char *mbs_filename, const char *build_path, c_MbsLoader *mbs_loader)
void c_mbs_delete_data "mbs_delete_data" (c_MbsData *mbs_data)
c_MbsLoader* mbs_new_loader()
void mbs_delete_loader(c_MbsLoader* loader)
c_MbsLoader* c_mbs_new_loader "mbs_new_loader" ()
void c_mbs_delete_loader "mbs_delete_loader" (c_MbsLoader* loader)
cdef extern from "mbs_set.h":
void c_mbs_set_nb_userc "mbs_set_nb_userc" (c_MbsData *mbs_data, int Nuserc)
......@@ -23,13 +23,13 @@ cdef class MbsData(object):
# 1st: load the MDS_gen_strct and keep a copy
self.mds_gen_strct_ptr = c_MDS_mbs_reader(name)
# Store it to a loader object
loader = mbs_new_loader()
loader = c_mbs_new_loader()
loader.mds = self.mds_gen_strct_ptr
# 2nd: retrive the MbsData from the MDS_gen_strct
self.mbs_data_ptr = c_mbs_load_with_loader(name, build_path, loader)
# Initialization of Python side
def __init__(self, name, build_path=None):
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