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No more .mbsdata necessary

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......@@ -55,9 +55,8 @@ Some of these versions have two sub-models:
All these versions are stored in _StandaloneC/src/other/CoMan_versions_. These are the files stored in this folder:
* _.mbs file_
* _.mbsdata file_
* _symbolic files_ generated by Robotran
* _.mbs file_ : the xml model description
* _symbolic files_ : the routines generated by Robotran
Consequently, this Git version does not save these files outside the _CoMan_versions_ folder. To get them back, you must copy-paste them to their correct location, or run CMake.
For the Simulink version, you must also modify the flags at the beginning of the matlab file ' _compile_c_files.m_ ', located in _workR/Simulink_.
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